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Lot's of stuff past to present. Yeah...enjoy! XD





Hey guys, seems it's going to be Multimedia Fusion 2 for Elementar Rising. Following that other cool games. Below I have a demo of the system you guys can try out. With great functions to things. Hope you have a blast and spread the word!
Elementar Rising Trailer + Demo Download by Skytric

(Windows Only)
Elementar Rising beta -…
If you want to try the beta of this stage. Check here!
Elementar Rising controls -

Title screen selections must be clicked on.
You can click the skip button in the stories to skip them or wait until their done. It should kick you into the beta stage.

To Edit Controls - Go to file, then scroll to players.
In players under grid 1 click the X's by either Keyboard or Joypad.

Keyboad defaults:
Direction keys - Move around
Z - Jumps
X - Shoots
C - Special use
V - not working yet

Joypad defaults PS3/XBOX360/PC Joypad - Cannot edit, but you can switch to them.
Directional pad - Left joystick - Move around
A - Jumps
X - Shoots
Y - Special
B - not working yet


Gabe Kuo - Patrick M. Seymour
Bombodia - :iconnickle4apickle:


Prgramming: :iconskytric:

Older game information:
Not to much this time around, but first I want to thank all the new people who have watched, fav'd and have supported things me and my friends have been working on. It's come a ways, but we're still growing. This year though I've wanted to get a lot farther than I have with things, has been an interesting learning experince. I'm learning also to just be happy with what I have, and LIKE what I do. I can't please everyone or be perfect, but as long as heart is put into what's being created and such, that's all that should matter.

Project Ace a game being made for a friend :iconringoandou:

It will be a platform adventure game, details are still pretty small for the public, but when more gets going. We shall
get you the info.
Original OST -
Cosmic Course 1.…

Looking Back at the Progress by RingoAndou
Will be made Using ClickTeam Fusion or Multimedia Fusion 2

Verge Of Fidelity
Another cross over game, to start production after Elementar Rising. It will feature many OC's and a huge rpg expereince.
The artwork for characters will be done by :iconringoandou: and of course I get the fun in programming and sprite work. It's
going to be quite a huge project, but one that should work out nicely.
Verge of Fidelity - battle shot by Skytric
Will be made using RPG MAKER VX ACE.

main character hero slots: (Full)
Gabe Kuo - :iconskytric: - Offensive and Magic balanced - Magical Swordsman 
Ace - :iconringoandou:  -  Defensive and Magic - Cleric 
Calvin - :iconfirestyle12: Offensive and Speed - Fighter
Owen - :iconthemetreudragon: Offensive and Magic - Squire
Eira: - :iconjcdr: Offensive and Tank - Glass Fighter
Clawdia - :iconnitrogoblin: Agility and Magic -  Mechanic 
Miki: - :iconkoreelustromboli: - Offensive and cleric - Traveler

Foe slots are open as well. 
1. Griff - :icongodgriff: 
2. Michelle - :iconcookei-fox:
3.Le Frog - :iconrazzirazzi:
4.Kain - :iconcharlottezxz:
5. Air - :iconair482:
6. Caterina - :iconsupercaterina:

Edgar - :iconravenf6:

  Space PoP
  I'm helping as Musician

Well so far I've made only one song, but you guys should check out this series being made called Space PoP. You can find more information below.

SPACE!!POP: the Last Epic Promo 4 by WickedIkorus


The EOS Server - Cameos
Chris Kumono and many others make an apperance in :iconnitrogoblin:'s EOS series.  Check it out, it's pretty awesome.
The EOS Server: Manga Cover II by NitroGoblin…

 An old story being brought back to light in a much better way. Still as out there with the tale, but the twists will be great.

A bit from a possible Mega Paradox comic, which will be a story before a game.
MParadox - Let me see the Mission too!!! by Skytric
M-Sen wants to see the mission logs as well. Jad wants her off his back lol

Cross Finale is also getting released pretty soon as well. A lot shorter then what I had in mind, but all the same good. More information will come as it's being produced.

Commission - Cross Finale by zeth3047

Commission - Battle in Laharls Castle by zeth3047

Ending notes for now:
I again want to thank everyone for their support and hope you guys enjoy the projects coming soon. Kickstarter does sound nice, though we have gotten pretty far without it. Would be nice to see some of these on a handheld system or something. But guess the future will come. Take it easy all and thanks again.

AdCast - Ads from the Community



Skytric has started a donation pool!
153 / 7,000
points for some cool stuff^^ thanks all.

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